This is what students are expected to wear:

  • Plain white shirt with collar (can be short sleeved; no soft collar or polo shirts);
  • Official School Tie;
  • Black blazer with embroidered school badge (must be worn at all times);
  • Black 'V' neck jumper with embroidered school badge (this is an optional garment, however, no other jumper or cardigan is to be worn);
  • Plain black trousers (no tracksuit bottoms/leggings/no denim regardless of the colour), girls may choose a plain black skirt (where the length does not leave the student facing embarrassment during normal working practice, knee length);
  • Black shoes (no trainers/pumps or plimsolls, due to Health and Safety requirements); during winter months / inclement weather black boots may be worn under school trousers;
  • Apron for use in technology, art and science;
  • Students are not permitted to: wear jewellery (except a wristwatch, 1 stud / spacer in each ear no bigger than 5mm), denim clothing of any sort, make-up (including coloured nail varnish), hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, trainers or other similar sports and designer clothing;
  • Mobile telephones are permitted at owner's risk, but must be turned off during lessons and kept in the inside pocket of the blazer or within a school bag. Mobile phones will be confiscated if used during lesson time, the Academy can take no responsibility for loss, damage or other electrical items/valuables brought onto the site;
  • Headphones are not permitted in the Academy;

  • INSET day Monday 16th November

    Please note that Monday 16th November is an INSET day for the Academy and is therefore closed to Students on this day!

    The Academy re-opens for Students on Tuesday 17th November as normal.