Welcome to Quarrydale School

    Welcome to Quarrydale Academy


    To create a learning environment in which every lesson counts in a culture of commitment and care.


    Our aim is to build an Academy where students:

  • Achieve
  • Behave
  • Cooperate
  • Develop
  • Enjoy
  • Values

    We believe that:

  • All individuals should have equality of opportunity
  • Learning should be challenging and supported
  • Teamwork encourages co-operation and unity
  • Respect should be encouraged and promoted
  • Giving responsibility fosters trust and develops self-discipline
  • Achieving success builds self-confidence and happiness
  • The History of the Quarrydale Academy Badge

    Pupils at Quarrydale wear blazers with the Academy badge on them. The different parts of our badge represent different facets of school life and the community which we serve.

    At the top of the badge is a spindle which represents the involvement of our community in the textile manufacture, and towards the centre is a toothed wheel which represents the local engineering industry. At the centre is a white rose which was specially bred for the opening of the school in 1969. The badge is surrounded by a laurel wreath of victory, showing that we strive to conquer whatever difficulties beset us, by using these symbols we show that we are all members of the mutually-supportive community that we are working to build at Quarrydale Academy